Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Have they stopped making Diet Coke with Lime? I have been craving one for five days now. I have hit three gas stations, a CVS and a Wal-greens in the last week but no dice. Let this be a lesson, boys and girls, to never try new stuff. Ever. They lure you in and then they just snatch it away!

On a happier note, it is only fourteen days until my wonderful in-laws arrive with four cases of Cheerwine just for me. Is it sad that I actually have a countdown clock for Cheerwine? Don't get me wrong, I am excited to see the actual in-laws too (Hi, guys!), but if you've never had this fizzy Southern goodness, you couldn't understand. And, NO, I will not share mine with you. Get your own fizzy goodness.


Ally said...

OMG Cheerwine!!! I love this stuff! I'm not big on soda, and a 12-pack would last a few months for me. I swore off soda a few years back so I've not purchased it since.

I had a weak moment the other day and COULD NOT FIND IT. I'm so sad and now am a woman on a mission!!! said...

I don't drink soda often but every now and then I get a craving for a specific something, like Diet Coke with Lime. And the sad thing is, I will search for that stuff for days and then only drink like half the bottle. Once I have a little, I'm good. I think it's the carbonation or something that I miss.

Cheerwine is a different story though. Thank God I only get it like every six months or something. I think I'd bath in it, if it wasn't a waste of perfectly good Cheerwine. LOL

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