Monday, November 17, 2008

Got any bright ideas?

I have decided to outsource buy our Christmas cards this year. I know, I know, it's impersonal. But writing Christmas cards is right up there on my list of top 5 things I hate to do:

1. Cook
2. Dust
3. Vacuum
4. Christmas Cards
5. Shop (Wait, how did that get on there?)

Anyway, who really wants to spend Black Friday writing 'We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!' one hundred times? Not me.

So I have shopped a couple of stationary websites for card options but so far I am coming up empty. I can't believe that it is this hard to find a decent Christmas card! I don't want anything with photos, nothing kitschy or folksy, and I am not inviting people to a Christmas party or announcing the birth of my child via Christmas card. Do only old people and people with kids send out pre-printed holiday cards?

So far this one from tinyprints is the only half-decent option that I have found and I am not super thrilled about it. I was hoping for something bright and merry (perhaps red and green to stick with my theme?) and while this is bright, I'm not feeling very merry about it.

And so, dear blog readers who happen to be really amazing online shoppers, anyone know of a good website I can search or a good stationary store in the Indy area that I can visit?

I need to order in the next week or so in order to have them in decent time to address (I will at least do that myself. Good enough, right?) and send out before anyone else sends us cards. Why the hurry you ask? Because I somehow never got around to doing change of address cards. Did I mention how I really hate to do change of address cards, too...


HBee said...

Well I see that you mastered the strikethrough quite nicely. I have no advice for your Christmas card search. I'm going to be handing out generic or perhaphs no Christmas cards this year.

Monkey said...

Hmmm...I think the real premise of this post was to (1) practice your new strikethrough ability and (2) apologize ahead of time for preprinted Christmas cards. Why don't you kill two birds with one stone and send out Christmas-y (or bright and merry) New Address cards? I'm sure they make those for the REALLY lazy, oops, I mean, resourceful people out there (strikethroughs apparently do not work for comments).

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