Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

Okay, so technically this is now Tuesday, but these things happened on a Monday, so isn't that close enough? I have been enjoying the blog My Charming Kids for awhile now and finally decided to get in on the "Not Me!" Monday action.

This week I did not turn the wrong way out of the Wal-mart parking lot and make it three miles before I realized I was going the wrong direction. Again.

I did not try to buy wine for Thanksgiving and discover that I did not have my driver's license in my wallet.

Last night when Nate asked for grilled cheese for dinner (WTH?), I most certainly did not sneak off to call my sister Katie to make sure I knew how to make grilled cheese correctly.

And I definitely am not posting this while eating yet another spoonful of cookie dough from the refrigerator.


Mercy Triumphs said...

You are SO FUNNY!! LOL! :) I LOVE your blog!! And love you!

Monkey said...

Yes, you most certainly DID call me to ask me how to make grilled cheese!!! You are hopeless in the kitchen!!

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