Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Girl Has Needs.....or How to Know You're a Starbucks Addict

After rolling out of my comfy bed to find a rainy gray morning, I grabbed the keys for my all-too-often morning trip to Starbucks. For someone who spends 95% of her week in her own house, this little bit of escapism keeps me from burning the place down.

So I grabbed my wallet and headed out the garage door....and realized my car had been stolen.

Okay, maybe not really, but for about 10 seconds I thought it was true. I was momentarily panic stricken until I remembered that Nate was taking my car today so that he could use the GPS to go to the dentist. I flipped on the garage light and saw his car exactly where it should be.

And you want to know the funny part? My first thought wasn't, 'Ohmigosh, my car!'. It was, 'How the heck am I going to get to Starbucks'?

Sad, but true.


HBee said...

Ha! Well did you have the keys to his car? :) said...

Yes, thank goodness, I had his keys. I swear that I am getting crazier in my old age. This is not even the worst of my 'crazy' moments. There was this one time in a parking lot where I could have sworn our car was rolling backwards. I am screaming at the hubby to step on the brakes. And then I realized the car next to us was pulling out. We were in PARK the whole time.
I swear, I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

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