Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Ode to Katie: An Endless List of Why I Love My Baby Sister (Alternately titled: I Suck at Blogging)

*Poking head sheepishly back into the blog-o-sphere*

Hello? Anyone here?




Soooo......clearly I took a little big fat (albeit unintentional) hiatus from blogging. No excuse, really. Just got busy and lacking inspiration, then got out of the habit. For those of you who missed me, you have my sister Katie to thank for getting me back on the blogging horse. She gave me an ultimatum to blog by the end of January, and in true big sister fashion, I put it off to the very last day, just because I could. HA!

It's been a busy two months with lots of time with friends and family (rare and much appreciated!), a flooded basement, a new job for Nate, a recent return to his old job for Nate, and lots of progress on my 30 Before 30 list (updates to come!).

And because I'm still finding my blogging mojo again, I'm going to cheat and update you with a little State of Mind.

Loving: my quiet weekend

Hating: that my feet are always cold, no matter how many layers I put on them!

Craving: Fruity Pebbles

Spring to hurry up

The Hunger Games

Watching: Kourtney and Kim Take NYC

Listening to: Jason Aldean, Big Green Tractor

Looking forward to:
NYC this weekend! (Twice! In six months!)

Worried about: the winter storm ruining our trip
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