Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday's at the Table

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of week again. Time for Tuesday's at the Table courtesy of Andrea over at My Chihuahua Bites. I was all excited about my recipe until I moseyed on over to check out Andrea's offering - holy decadent desserts, Batman! I want to run right to the grocery store for brownie mix!

So even though Andrea will clearly win the Best Recipe of the Week Award, I'll be a good sport and still play along (while secretly hoping for an Honorable Mention). I Twittered about this when I made it a few weeks ago and got lots of requests for the recipe, so your wish is my command.


Grilled Pizza

Pre-made pizza dough (I use the Pillsbury kind)
Baby spinach or arugula mix
Mozzarella (fresh or processed, whatever your preference)
Black Pepper
Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic Vinegar


1. Prepare outdoor grill to medium heat.
2. Spray a large cookie sheet with nonstick cooking spray.
3. Cut the pizza dough into 4 sections, so you have 4 mini 'crusts'.
4. Place pizza dough on hot grill. Cover grill and cook 2 to 3 minutes or until dough begins to stiffen. (Time will vary according to your grill, so watch carefully the first time so that you don't burn your dough!)
5. Carefully move the dough back to the cookie sheets with the 'cooked side' up.
6. Top the dough with spinach, tomatoes and cheese.
7. Return dough carefully to the grill. The topping side should face up and the 'uncooked' side should face down.
8. Cover grill and cook another 1 to 2 minutes (again, your grill will vary) until the bottom of the dough stiffens and cheese begins to melt.
9. Remove the pizzas from the grill and drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and to taste.


I have been making this recipe for several years and unfortunately I have absolutely no recollection where I found it, but it is one of our favorites. I would eat it every single week if I could. We do it on the grill in the summers and then when it gets too cold, we just use the oven everywhere that it says 'grill'. It doesn't have the grill flavor but it's still super yummy.

I like to make mine exactly like the recipe. I had mushrooms and pepperoni to Nate's and leave off the olive oil drizzle, so there are lots of ways to play around with this idea.

Happy grilling!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sparkle on

Many thanks to Nessa from Sparkles of Serendipity for passing on the Kreativ Blogger award to me. Nessa always finds the funniest, cutest stuff like this Mr. Rogers tee which inspired my own little Mr. Rogers moment the other day.

The Rules:
As an award recipient, I must do the following:
List seven things that I love and then pass the award on to seven bloggers that I love!

Easy peasy, cause I love a lot of stuff! So let's skip the obvious (God, family, Starbucks, shopping) and get to the stuff you might not already know.

1. Prague
Nate and I went there for a few days during our junior year of college. I thought it was going to be the crappiest place out of the 20 European cities we visited but it actually turned out to be my favorite. I would love to go back some day.

{image via guide-prague}

2. Organizing
I can spend hours organizing desks, closets, clothes, the pantry, whatever. I love for things to be neat and tidy and organized. I spent a recent Sunday reorganizing my closet, including hanging my scarves by one of my favorite organizing methods - ROY G BIV. Sad, but true.

3. Wine
Specifically Schmitt Sohne. I tried it once on the recommendation of a waitress and it has become my favorite of all time.

{image via locowine.com}

4. South Carolina

{image via printfection}

There's nothing quite like going home to the South - seeing that palmetto tree on every flat surface, waving hello to perfect strangers, monograms and polka dots on every girl, black eyed peas and corn bread for dinner. Don't you just love the way the word 'y'all' rolls around in your mouth? Sigh. I love South Carolina.

5. Scrapbooking
I've been doing it for years, way before it was popular. I love memories and reminiscing. I also like my pictures to be organized (see #2).

6. My Garmin, Gigi
The best $300 I ever spent. I am severely directionally challenge. As in, my parents have lived in my hometown since I was 16 (and also from 10-14) and I still get lost on a regular basis. It's pathetic really. But Gigi makes me brave. I can go anywhere and do anything as long as she's with me.

{image via gpslodge.com}

7. My grandparents

I am blessed to have one set still in my life. As a kid, they spoiled me rotten. As an adult, they have become my friends. They're just really cool people. Love you guys!

Let's see, I will tag:
  • Jennifer - She's a new blog friend and I want to get to know her better.
  • Cole - Well, I was going to tag her but someone else beat me to it. Check her out anyway!
  • Mrs. Realife - Eats her pets, sort of. If you want to know the whole story, you'll just have to visit her.
  • Mrs. Jetplane - She always has the cutest puggie pictures. And we all know I'm a sucker for a cute puppy face.
  • Andrea - She and I would totally be friends in real life. She loves shopping, doggies, Starbucks and South Carolina - now who does that sound like?
  • Miss Musing - This chic always sees the glass as half full. I thought I was a positive person but this girl puts me to shame.
  • Puttin' on the GRITS - Another Southern gal. 'We don't become Southern; we're born that way.' Love it!

Lady of Leisure

{image via google images}

To Do List

1. Sleep in
2. Starbucks run
3. Read newspaper
4. Random internet surfing
5. Eat bonbons
6. Maybe, job search a little
7. Repeat


Okay, so maybe that's not really my To Do list for this week. Kind of wish it was, but that's just not me. I might be able to do it for a day or two, but being a Lady of Leisure is going to get old fast. To that end, I have made a real To Do list for this week.

  • Job search (every day, at least two hours)
  • Get our taxes done (every year I swear we will have this done by January and every year it's not done until April)
  • Change my driver's license to our new address
  • Dentist appointment
  • Doctor's appointment
  • Organize my craft room
  • Catch up on scrapbooking (last page in my current book = Christmas 2007. Yikes!)
  • Clean out my closet drawers
  • Paint touch ups around the house
  • Clean my office
  • Hang the pictures that are still cluttering our dining room (six months after we moved in)
  • Get out our summer clothes and store the winter clothes
  • Consign clothes
  • Consign books
  • Rearrange the garage
  • Volunteer at the food pantry
  • Work on my Indy Star blog
  • Spring clean the house
  • Arrange volunteer work for the month of April
Nate saw the list and said, 'Uh, how long do you plan to be unemployed exactly?'. Ha! I think he's a little worried that I might get used to this!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who's got the stage hook?

Dear Old Man Winter,

Perhaps, dear sir, you did not get the memo from last week? You know, the one where Spring started on March 20th?

You see, it is 34 degrees here today, which is most certainly not very Spring-like. I thought that maybe, being that you are very old, you had forgotten that it is no longer your turn. We all waited patiently through your wintry performance, clapped politely when you dropped 14 inches of snow in a single night, smiled pleasantly as we layered on our winter wear, and kept our swearing to a minimum each time we shoveled our driveway or slipped on the ice.

So now I respectfully request that you step aside and allow Spring to take the stage. We only have three short months to enjoy her dainty dance before Summer will begin beating his drums in the tribal humidity dance. Why don't you check back in July, when we will likely be begging for your wintry chill?

Sincerely Yours,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

So 'Sue' me

One of the major bummers about losing my job is that I might have to go back to an office. While a tiny part of me is excited at the thought of pulling my fabulous business attire out of retirement, a much bigger part of me hates the idea of going back to the cubicle farm drama of office life.

But then I take a little scroll through Overheard at the Office and remember just how interesting life at the office can be....

4PM Like That Scene in Real Genius.
Frustrated coworker: Every time I get mad at Sue, I keep telling myself "what would Jesus do?" but one of these days, Jesus is going to yell at her!

Washington, DC
via Overheard in the Office, Mar 27, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

{image via the limited}

Sporting this super cute cardigan sweater vest (a la Mr. Rogers) and some kick ass heels to dinner tonight. Time to toast my fresh start. And maybe eat dessert too!

Officially unemployed

{image via google images}

Okay, so maybe I'm not exactly popping the champagne, but suffice it to say, I'm pretty darn relieved.

It was a tough morning. Had to say goodbye to a lot of good people. A few of them co-workers, most of them vendors (sad, but true, folks).

I was getting all sentimental thinking back to the day that I interviewed (I still remember the date - 11/5/04) and how I totally was not qualified for the job, but the interview lasted over an hour and I walked out of there just knowing he was going to call and offer me the job anyway. So what if I didn't know a VIN from a vase? I will be forever grateful to the guy who took that chance on me.

And then there is my current boss, who saw someone who was bored and underutilized and fought to give me the chance to prove that I was a star. Once again, I had zero experience in purchasing. I'd never read a contract before, unless you count those 20 pagers they make you sign to get a cell phone these days. And just three short years later I can tell you that I managed $40 million dollars, a portfolio of 150 commercial properties and a fleet of 2000 trucks (wanna hire me?). No way would have near the experience and depth of resume from any other company. I have been given (well, earned) some amazing opportunities in my time with that company.

No matter my personal feelings on how it was run and the agony of the end, I know that I was fortunate to have been there. To have met the people that I met. To have built the relationships that I built. To have gained the experience. To have exceeded my own career expectations. To know five years later, how much I am capable of. I should be so lucky as to find an opportunity like this again.

Here's to hoping lightening strikes twice.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can I get a 'Woot, woot'?

{image via google images}

Finally, finally, finally some progress on the job front. I was seriously beginning to think I was a major loser.

It's not much right now, but I have an interview with an executive search company tomorrow. I didn't really expect to be able to work with one since I don't technically qualify as an 'executive' but I must have matched enough of their criteria to merit a screening tomorrow at 2:00pm. The lady said she had a particular position in mind so that is good news too. At the very least, maybe they'll be willing to work with me even if I'm not a match for this particular position. If I could get in with an executive search company, I'd be in a much better position than searching all by my lonesome.

So keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for me tomorrow. Even if nothing comes of this, I am at least grateful for the boost in my woefully flagging confidence.


Who thought bringing MC Hammer pants back was a good idea?

{image via The Look 4 Less}

Except now they call them 'harem' pants. Because you know every independent woman wants to dress like a female sex slave. WTH?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Worth the wait

{image via JodiPicoult.com}

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned wanting to get my hands on this book? Well the sassy and very sweet KT sent me a note not too long after offering me her copy when she was done! She read it in about two days so I knew it must be good and I could hardly wait for it to come.

I started it on Friday and, despite a jam-packed weekend, managed to finish it on Sunday. I couldn't put it down. As always, the subject matter was thought-provoking and the twists were unexpected. The last five pages of a Jodi Picoult book are always the best and this one did not disappoint.

This copy is already spoken for (keeping the book-gifting chain alive, KT!) but I would highly recommend heading down to the local library to check it out. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesdays at the Table

A few things you should know about me and my kitchen abilities:

1. I hate to cook. Detest, loathe, despise, abhor and any other synonym you want to put in there. Hate.it.

2. My idea of cooking usually involves heating up something that's frozen or came from a box.

3. If the recipe requires more than 10 ingredients, I'm out.

4. Spices are expensive. I believe in using garlic, basil, oregano, salt and pepper. Why would I spend $10 on 3 ounces of some random spice (cardamom, anyone?) that I will use once and then knock over the next time I reach for the basil?

5. I refuse to touch raw meat. I am a master at maneuvering all manner of frozen and thawed meat using tongs, forks, knives and spatulas.

So, if you are visiting from My Chihuahua Bites and were expecting to find the next Martha Stewart, you've come to the wrong blog, honey. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I made this super easy dinner for the first time last week and was going to post it over the weekend, but then I saw Andrea's post about Tuesday's at the Table and decided to hold off a few days so that I could enjoy the Mr Linky fun.


Chicken Nacho Bake
{recipe found through Kraftfoods.com}

4 small boneless chicken breast halves
1/2 cup salsa
1/2 cup crushed tortilla chips
1/2 cup mexican style shredded cheese
1/4 sour cream

Preheat oven to 400.
Place chicken on foil-covered baking sheet. Slice three cuts on the top of each chicken breast.
Top each chicken breast with salsa and crushed tortilla chips. (The recipe says to put the sour cream on in this step too, but I prefer my sour cream cold, so I left it off for now).
Bake 20 minutes.
Remove from oven and sprinkle with cheese. Bake an additional 10 minutes.

I added my sour cream on top after it came out of the oven and served on shredded lettuce.


Five ingredients, barely ten minutes of effort and you've got a super yummy mexican meal. That's my kind of cooking!

Monday, March 23, 2009


My sweet sister sent me this card today just to cheer me up. On the inside it says 'Sounds like a plan. Seriously.' and plays the song 'All Right' . I don't know how she managed to find a card that was so completely fitting - shopping, two of my favorite catchphrases and a song about being all right in the end. Now that's a good sister.

And if that wasn't enough for one day, she finally booked her ticket to come and see me! Hurray! We have been planning it for months and kept having to postpone, but it's finally a done deal. I can't wait for some good sister time.

{my sister, Katie, with our sister Amy's puppy, Java}


{image from mycharmingkids.net}

Pray hard for baby, Stellan.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I can haz shooz?

{image via lolcats.com}

I am in shoe lust. These are completely out of character for me but I am digging them big time. A little too much for Easter Sunday though, right?

{image via VictoriasSecret.com}

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Sister

{image vie someecards.com}

Today is my middle younger sister's 20th birthday. It seems crazy to me that she can be starting a whole decade already. Somehow 20 seems like a pretty darn big deal. What happened to that sweet little gap-toothed kid?

She called me yesterday, to see how my first day as an unemployed gal was going. Apparently she didn't get the family memo that my last day had been pushed out, but that's not the point. I got off the phone, marveling at what an incredible adult that kid has turned out to be. {I'm getting all misty-eyed just thinking about it.} She's beautiful and generous and pretty damn funny. She's just a cool person to be around. I am blessed to have her not only as a sister but now as a friend. Cliche? Yes. True? Absolutely.

Happy birthday, Amy Grace!

So, in honor of Amy's birthday (for those of you who know her in real life, of course), leave me a comment sharing your funniest or favorite memory of Amy. This will embarrass her big time and teach her to read her big sister's blog more than once a week....HA!

Thundering incompetence strikes again

Today's conversation with the boss....

Boss: Don't panic or anything, but I've got something to tell you. {No good conversation starts out this way}

Me: Um, okay.

Boss: Apparently, you were terminated two weeks ago.

Me: {Crickets}

Boss: Remember when I asked for you to be paid for the off-the-books vacation days you didn't take last calendar year? Well, they assumed that meant you'd been terminated so they took you off the payroll.

Me: {Still struck silent by the sheer incompetence of our payroll department}

Boss: Don't worry, I think we have it all figured out but I wanted you to know....

There are like fifteen people left on the payroll and you can't manage to pay them correctly? Did he tell you I've been terminated? No? Well then maybe you shouldn't take it upon yourself to assume what he meant when that is so clearly not what he said.

So this week I will be paid the three extra days vacation, plus the eighty hours of vacation that I am owed upon my termination. But not for the eighty hours I actually worked. Supposedly, I will be paid that NEXT pay period.

I am so going to end up getting screwed. I just know it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How's that for comedic timing?

{image via dilbert.com}

Remember how I said yesterday that we were three weeks behind on our project time line? Today's Dilbert explains it perfectly.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What to do?

So the boss called this afternoon to let me know that my official last day will be Friday, March 27th. That is a week longer than the first 'official' date I was given. I have mixed feelings on this but had told him I would stay until then if it was necessary.

Since we are a full three weeks behind on our liquidation time line (through no fault of mine, I will add!) it is clear to anyone with half a brain that we will not be done with everything by this new deadline either. The original time line was ludicrous to begin with and I voiced my opinion that it was unattainable six weeks ago, but of course, no one listened. And now they have themselves in a very bad spot. Told you so.

You see, they have committed to letting everyone go on the 27th, but the vehicle liquidation will be light years away from finished in just 10 days. So the boss says they mentioned keeping me around on a contract basis after the 27th. Damn.

I know, I know. I should be jumping for joy at the thought of another paycheck. I'm lucky, I know. I get it. But these people are absolutely impossible. They seriously just don't get it. Every time I think the situation can't get any worse, they plumb the depths of stupidity to find a new all time low. They can't even go out of business the right way!

As much as I covet another paycheck, I have been anxiously counting down the days until I am rid of this mess and I'm just not sure I can stomach any more.

  • I can just about name my rate because they are desperate.
  • I am the only one who knows how to do what needs to get done.
  • I can do it faster and more accurately than any of the monkeys people left.
  • It's another paycheck. Maybe even two or three.
  • It would be part time so I would have time to look for a job.
  • I have a long-standing relationship with the company that is liquidating the vehicles and I hate to stick them with the person I know will end up on the job.

  • My boss and his boss will be gone. I will have to work directly for someone I don't know very well and don't particularly care for (what little I do know).
  • The decisions this man makes are hard to swallow (today he had a whopper). I will likely have trouble holding my tongue.
  • I hate what my job has become. Hate.it.
  • I can't collect unemployment until the contract job is over, so as it dwindles down, I might be making less than I would collecting a government check.
  • Who knows how long it will take to get it all done. I hate the idea of no end in sight.
  • Did I mention I hate this job? Hate.it.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I've got a lot of thinking to do. Luckily I have until next week to decide.

(Ad)Venture on over....

Some day when you need a good chuckle, go check out Demon Baby and Me. This is one of my all time favorite blogs and it never fails to make me smile. Erica has the patience of a saint, Demon Baby has the face of an angel and their adventures are nothing short of hilarious.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Don't you just hate it when you get into the car and realize that the doggie bag you put in the backseat yesterday at lunch are still there?

So not only does your car stink to high heaven, but you totally ruined three perfectly good Chili's Southwest Eggrolls?

What? You never needlessly waste good food because you are a total space cadet?

Must just be me then.


Oh my Gossip Girl! It's ba-a-ack!

Anyone else ....
....think the wait for new episodes was entirely too long?
....can't wait to see the Lily spin off episode in a few weeks?
....think Blair needs a serious hair intervention lately?

No? Just me? You don't secretly think Monday's aren't all that bad so long as there is new Gossip Girl to look forward to?

Oh, well, then. Carry on with your dreary, drama-free grown-up Monday.

Don't mind me, I'll just be over here trying to contain my giddy inner school-girl while I count down the minutes until we find out what this is all about....

{sneak peek via People.com}

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Because he's smooth like that....

Last weekend on the way to the airport, I told Nate he wouldn't have to bring me a souvenir from his trip if he'd just bring me a Starbucks espresso brownie from the airport. I am crazy for those things and they can only be found in airport Starbucks. I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I will take great pains to fly through Atlanta or Chicago just because I know I can my grubby little paws on one (or half a dozen, but who's counting?).

Nate does not understand my obsession and tries his best not to encourage my manic Starbucks habit so I had no illusions that I would actually get one.

We hadn't been home five minutes when I was already eyeing the gift bag he'd been carrying. I oh-so-casually asked if he'd brought me anything and could it perhaps be in that bag right there?

To which he grinned slyly and pulled out this...


And then it hit me what it was....

Kinder Eggs! The world's (well, at least Germany's) greatest chocolate! When we traveled through Europe in college, I practically lived on Kinder Eggs, Twix and Sprite. The eggs are milk chocolate on the outside, white chocolate on the inside and when you break them open, there's a cute little toy inside. I had totally forgotten about these things, but Nate had remembered how much I loved them. Aw!

It was almost enough to make me forget about the espresso brownie that I didn't get....until he reached into his other bag and....TADA!!! One little square of chocolate and espresso heaven, just for me, all the way from Chicago.

Because he loves me like that....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eye Candy

{Image of Channing Tatum via VanityFair}

You know you go to Starbucks too often when...

...you get personal invitations to attend their training classes!

Did you know that there are different levels of barista? I didn't, until this morning. Apparently, there are your basic green apron kind and then the 'coffee expert' kind that wear black aprons.

So I popped in to Starbucks while I was out avoiding cleaning my house running some very important errands. To say that I am a regular there would be an understatement....they all know that I work from home, write a local blog, and even that Nate is away for the week. Don't judge.

Anyway, my favorite barista, Sarah says to me, 'I have something for you and I know it's kind of weird but I'm going to give it to you anyway'.

I am fairly certain that my face lit up like a five-year-old's on Christmas Day. What can I say, I'm easy like that.

It was an invitation to her Coffee Master seminar to qualify for her black apron.

I'm not sure whether to be super excited or embarrassed that I am there so often I now get invited to training nights.

Wonder if there's free coffee at this shindig? Keeping fingers crossed....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Someone please hold me back!

Guess what just popped up in my inbox? Good Lord, please save me from myself.

Their new spring collection is in and I was in L.O.V.E when I was there last weekend but I knew Nate was right outside, so I showed incredible restraint and just walked away with two sale items. However today, Nate is half a world away and I have an entire Saturday to myself...when the husband's away, the wife will pay.....

I've developed kind of a thing for prints lately, which is totally out of the norm for me - I am normally a solids kind of gal. Who could resist this springy poppy skirt, though? And that watercolor flowered dress will be mine before the spring is over; it's not a matter of if but when (and maybe a little bit of how much thrown in).

I need another coat like I need a hole in my head, but how can you resist this adorable trench coat? I am not much for the recent plaid trend, but I am mad for this white and black beauty. And since a return to an office seems to be in the cards for me, I could definitely use a power color like red in my work wardrobe.

See, honey, I need this stuff! It's for the job.

If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen freezing my credit cards in the ice cube trays....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sound off

If I hear one more person say I don't need to worry about my job situation because I'm extremely 'hireable', I think I will scream.

I know they are just trying to be reassuring but it is not helping. I have been looking high and low for six weeks now - revising my resume, writing the best cover damn cover letter ever, spending hours on the internet scouring for jobs, sending out literally dozens of resumes, networking my little fanny off and not a single, flipping phone call. Not even a wrong number.

My head knows that I am blessed because we are fine financially without my income. Things could definitely be worse. But my ego is not too fond of the idea of being labeled 'unemployed', even for a short period of time. I take a lot of pride in the things I have accomplished and where I've managed to get in my five short years with my company. It is hard to imagine starting over somewhere else and being a nobody again.

Okay, rant over.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sparks will fly again!

{image via perezhilton.com}

Ooooh! Look who's back on Gossip Girl! The deliciously devilish Georgina Sparks! I'm giddy as a high school girl waiting for the new episodes to start next Monday!

What's up, Sugarpop?

Sadly, no new episode of LOST tonight. WTH?

Don't they know us LOSTies are dying to know what happens now that Sawyer has seen Kate for the first time in three years?

Since the execs at ABC are torturing us with an extra weeks wait, fill the hole in your Wednesday night line up with this fun little game.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy birthday, Barbie!

Today she turns 50, but I swear she doesn't look a day over 25!

Say what you will about the unrealistic expectations set by her, ahem, assets....I loved Barbie as a little girl and I am none the worse for wear. I spent many blissful hours making up elaborate scenarios for my Barbies to act out. My most vivid Christmas memory is of the year my sister and I got the magnificent three story Barbie Dream House, complete with spiral staircase and elevator. My Barbie lived the glamorous life - a hunky GI Joe husband, a limo, a pool, a stable and the largest Barbie clothing collection known to mankind.

On second thought, maybe Nate does have Barbie to blame for my shopaholic ways....

But, Honey, it's for charity...

I know I'm supposed to be on shopping hiatus, Honey, but this one is for charity. You wouldn't want to deprive the poor children now, would you? Think Nate will buy that?

Join me this weekend (March 12-15) in GAP's Give and Get charity promotion. You shop at any of the GAP family of stores (GAP, GAPkids, Banana Republic, Old Navy) and get 30% off of your in-store purchase. In turn, GAP will give 5% of your total purchase amount to the charity of my choice, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Do your part for the economy and help fund the fight against blood cancers (and get some totally cute stuff for yourself while you're at it!).

Click here to print my friends and family coupon!

Perfect Day

As usual, the weekend flew by way too fast and a new work week has arrived. I'd like to say that I'm not complaining because I'm just happy to get a paycheck, but that would be a bald faced lie - I am not at all pleased to see a new work week come, paycheck be damned.

We had an unprecedented Saturday here - neither one of us worked the whole entire day! Woohoo! I am often a Work Widow on Saturday mornings. Nate gets up super early, even on the weekends, and more often than not I wake up to find him gone, getting in a few extra hours in the lab. And my work has taken up more than a weekend or two over the last several weeks. Needless to say our 'To Do' list is a mile long, the house is a disaster and neither of us has been too pleasant to be around. So with Nate's business trip starting on Sunday, we decided to play hooky all day Saturday - no work, no cleaning, no laundry. Just the two of us, doing whatever tickled our fancy.

Numero uno on my list? Sleeping in! Which I did like a champ until 10 o'clock, while Nate went for a seven-mile run at the local park as training for the torture Mini Marathon he's signed up for in May.

We had plans to meet friends for lunch at a place that wasn't too far from the mall - how very convenient (at least for those of us who enjoy malls)! After much cajoling, I finally convinced Nate to head out just a tiny bit early and let me do a little shopping. I have been keeping my shopping in check for the last six weeks, so I was practically salivating at the thought of going to the mall! I managed to be a very good girl and only bought two things, one of which was on clearance. Plus I had a 30% off coupon that was good even on sale stuff. Score! It would have been a crime not to use, right?

I got this super soft yellow tee. I don't own anything this lovely butter yellow. I'm super excited to dress it up for a date night.

As if letting me out of my shopping cage wasn't enough, Nate also went to Starbucks with me after lunch. Yes, seriously! Those of you who know Nate, know this is basically unprecedented behavior. He gives me grief on a daily basis about my, uh, 'habit' and usually refuses to set foot in one as a matter of principle. But someone at work had been raving about the 'Chow tea' and said he should try it. I laughed in his face politely told him it's actually Chai tea and I would be happy to treat him to one with my fancy Gold Card. There are several kinds and I gave him my thoughts on the ones I had tried, trying to steer him towards the Apple Chai, but he wanted Berry, so Berry he got. After one sip he pronounced it 'piss in a cup' and drank less than 1/4 of his Grande cup. But, hey, I've got to give him credit for even going. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and grilled steaks, asparagus and potatoes for dinner, then watched one of Nate's favorite movies, Road Trip.

All in all, a fantastic day and one we need to repeat more often!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mommy's little helper

For the last several days, our house has been like Grand Central Station. I am receiving boxes and boxes of paperwork from all of our various offices that are being shut down. Yesterday by 10am, we'd already had a visit from the UPS guy, FedEx, DHL and a certified mail delivery. This constant parade of visitors, of course, sends the dogs into a tizzy.every.single.time.

By 9pm last night they were ready to call it a night, but I was making good progress on the sea of paperwork threatening to swallow up my desk so I was burning the midnight oil.

Lola at 10:00pm.
Time for bed, Mom? Come on let's go.


Lola at 10:45pm.
Seriously? Still working? Sooooo sleepy.


Lola at 11:30pm

You know you work too much when....

{image courtesy of dinkycow}

...instead of counting sheep, you recite Vehicle Identification Numbers to lull yourself to sleep.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's a rough life...

...to be a dog in my house.

I went out to the kitchen a few minutes ago to make lunch and this is how I found Oliver on the couch in the living room.

I took three pictures and he didn't move a muscle. He was totally sacked out. So cute!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Retail is the best kind of therapy

I was having this 'text' discussion with my little sister, Amy, earlier this week. Retail therapy is the therapy that keeps on giving. Who needs to waste $150 on an hour long session exploring your Freudian issues, when you can blow that dough at the mall and reap the benefits every time you use your new stuff? Where do I sign up?

Alas, since the big layoff looms large on the horizon, I am no longer indulging in my favorite pastime. This weekend's version of retail therapy included a trip to Sam's Club. Woohoo. Good times.

If I were shopping this weekend, though, here's what would be on my Wish List.

I need another pair of shoes like I need a hole in the head, but I would love to add a pair of purple heels to my collection for spring. Not these by Steve Madden in particular, but something deep or bright purple, in a four inch peep toe. Not that I have given it any great thought, of course.

Maybe it's my longing for Spring, or the approach of St Patrick's Day, or the fact that wearing green allows me to pretend my hazel eyes are at least slightly less boring, but I am wanting an emerald green scarf in the worst way. I have had my eyes peeled for weeks, but can't find one anywhere.

Now that I will no longer enjoy the free book hookup at work, I'm going to start wearing my library card out. But when my favorite author cranks out a new one, I hate the idea of being number 124 on the wait list. Unfortunately for me, I hate the idea of shelling out $24 for a book even more, so I will take my place quietly behind number 123 and wait my turn.

And since you can never underestimate the power of pampering, I'd gladly drop a wad on a day at the spa. Massage, facial, and pedi, anyone?

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