Friday, November 21, 2008

Press Play

Last weekend I bought the new Taylor Swift CD, Fearless. Don't judge; you know you secretly like country music too! I was a big fan of her first CD, Taylor Swift, so I went ahead and bought the new one before I heard a single song.

That's a big deal, people, in case you didn't know. I buy maybe one or two CDs a year. In fact, I made it to November before I bought one this year. I rarely like an entire CD enough to buy it; I copy borrow from my parents anything I really want or just download the one or two songs I like from the Internet. So buying a CD, songs unheard, is unprecedented.

And totally worth it! It's maybe not as great as her first one but it's pretty darn close. I have already listened straight through several times and only skip through one song (It's about the prom. Ugh). I haven't found anything I like quite as much as Our Song (from the last album), but think Track #4 (Hey, Stephen) and Track #5 (White Horse) could be contenders for my new favorite Taylor Swift song.

I think this one is going to be in heavy rotation for quite awhile. Might even supplant the Christmas music for awhile!

1 comment:

God Rocks said...

I like this album much better than he first! My favorite song? "The Best Day"! Probably not destined for #1 on the Hit Parade, but...

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