Saturday, November 8, 2008


I was all ready to blog about our frustrating furniture experience today and rant about pushy salespeople but then I saw this, and now I can't be anything except excited.

I love this show and have watched from the very first episode. Okay, so I caught the first episode when they replayed it the next week before the second episode, but who cares? I did not plan to watch any new shows that season but two minutes of that season premiere and I was hooked.

I wait with breathless anticipation for each Wednesday night (and last season, Thursday) and eagerly read the episode recaps on Thursdays for all the 'little' details that I might have missed. I can't remember ever being as interested in a show as I was that first season of LOST.

I have exactly 75 days to brush up on my LOST history and get ready for the crazy ride of Season 5. Anyone up for a LOST season 4 marathon?

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HBee said...

I've actually never watched this show. Perhaps I should buy or rent the first season and catch up...?

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