Sunday, November 16, 2008


So on the advice of Amy Grace (sister #2 for those of you who are not in the know already), I decided to go with the 'whimsical' red, green and white/silver tree. Although I had been planning something else, I really fell in love with this little ornament at Michael's last weekend and decided to let it be my inspiration.

After Kimberly saw my post about my Michael's trip, she was sweet enough to send along a coupon for an additional 15% off their ornament collections. Hello?! On sale for 40% off AND an additional coupon? It was all I could do to wait until Saturday to get back over there!

I patiently explained to Nate why a second trip in the same week was in order and tried to prepare him for the glut of decorations I planned to bring home. Yeah, he totally didn't get it. But at least he didn't stop me, and I was off to spend my Saturday in a crafter's paradise.

And here is part of my haul. I got about two dozen red, green and silver ornaments plus some basic silver pieces as 'filler'. (Excuse the ghetto shopping bags under the ornaments. I didn't want to glitter the whole floor up!)

So cute, right? I also got this great ribbon to put in the tree. I saw some green ribbon with red stitching that is the perfect shade of green to match my inspiration wreath. I am considering getting a roll or two of that one also and alternating the two different types.

So now I just need some good red and green 'filler' ornaments and maybe a few more 'special' pieces for the front part of the tree. I am so ridiculously excited, I don't know how I will wait another 10 days to get started!


Kimberly said...

I like the red, white, green idea and it looks like you got some good stuff. Glad the coupon came in handy!

Monkey said...

Hobby Lobby has a GREAT amount of red and green ornaments for 50% off right now. (I should know I spend toooooooooooo much there.)

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