Friday, October 3, 2008

Welcome to Grand Central Station

Whew! Here it is only noon on Friday and I am already exhausted. This does not bode well for the weekend ahead!

We are officially proud homeowners. The final walk through and closing went smoothly Wednesday afternoon and we immediately began moving a few things in - 'marking' our territory so to speak!

First item on the list to move was those silly blinds stacked up in my office. The vertical blinds come in three boxes, two of which are six feet long and one about eight feet long. As I am carrying all three of them out of the building, the eight foot one totally did not clear the door frame and instead got stuck on the EXIT sign above the door. So what do I do? Of course, I look up to get the stupid thing unstuck. At which point the entire sign falls off the wall and hits me in the forehead! In front of the neighbor who saw the whole thing. We're an hour into this moving thing and already I've almost killed myself!

We managed to load the rest of the stuff without further injury and head out to our new home. The grass was looking a little bit sad, so Nate wanted to set the sprinklers up as soon as we got there. He was like a boy with new toys, just could not wait to break those babies open! He spent the next hour playing with the sprinklers while I unloaded both cars. By the time he was done finding the exact perfect placement for each sprinkler, he was completely soaked and his shoes were a muddy mess. He ended up wearing his golf shoes home!

Today has already been a productive day. We had the blinds installed, the bedroom furniture and refrigerator delivered and the internet hooked. I am still waiting for the new TV (yeah!) to be delivered any minute. Sadly, the furniture guys were not very careful and the ceiling is a little worse for wear but I am trying to be okay with that. The house is going to be lived in so I just need to get over these little dents and dings.

We are picking up the rental truck tonight at 5:00 and then the real moving begins. Wish us luck!

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Monkey said...

Tell the story about how you locked yourself out with big shoes, no makeup and two dogs!!! HAHAHAHA, now THAT'S a story people want to hear!!!

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