Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When more of a good thing isn't such a good thing

Yesterday I broke my vow not to buy candy until the day of Halloween. I know that I can't control myself around it, so I choose not to keep it in the house. However, my favorite Halloween candy is Brach's candy corn. And when I saw Brach's Caramel candy corn staring out at me from the candy aisle at Target, I simply couldn't resist. I love candy corn and I love caramel, so what could be better? And at only 50 calories for every 10 pieces, a handful at night isn't going to break the calorie bank.

This stuff is disgusting. Whoever decided that these two things go together was clearly not a lover of candy corn or caramel flavor because this stuff is a disgrace to both. Very disappointing.

However, the orange, brown and yellow color scheme looks very nice in the glass pumpkin I have on the kitchen island. I guess all was not lost and now I don't have to worry about eating to much of the centerpiece.

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