Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oliver and Lola's excellent house adventure

Oliver and Lola's first trip to the new house was Saturday afternoon. I brought them home from the groomers and turned them loose to explore. They ran from room to room checking each one out, then started all over again and ran around each piece of furniture in every room like they were checking to make sure it was all there.

Lola gets up every single time you leave the room to follow you wherever you are going. We have a lot of the upstairs doors closed so that they (mostly Lola) can't get into anything, so every time you open a new door she goes nuts checking it all out again.

They also love running up and down the stairs as many times as you will let them. I swear they will both lose weight these first few weeks, as much running as they are doing. And if they get going too fast on the way down, their feet go out from under them when they hit the foyer floor!

They are also a big hit in the neighborhood. Actually, a little bit too big of a hit! Twice now we have had kids ring the doorbell to see if Oliver and Lola can come out and play. And they are swarmed with kids whenever we walk them in the front yard. We actually had to sneak them out the back door a couple of times to make sure they actually did their business. They get so distracted by the kids, they forget to go!

Lola checks out a new room.

Oliver sticks close to his daddy where it's safe.

Lola found a new favorite spot to sleep. She is going to be very sad when the washer is hooked up and this pile of bedding disappears!

Moving is hard work.

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