Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Box by box by box by box

You want to know the least fun part about moving? Boxes. They are dirty and heavy and leave little bits of cardboard all over when you break them down. I sure will be glad when all these boxes are gone.

The move this weekend went better and faster than expected. Nate worked his butt off Friday night loading the rental truck with our mountain of boxes. Early Saturday morning he unloaded them at the house while I took the puppies to the groomer to keep them out of our way. Our wonderful friends, Buster, Weez and the McLovins came to help us load and unload the furniture during Round 2. With their help we had the majority of our stuff in the house by 2:00pm.

Nate and McLovin on the move.

Weez helps unload the truck.

Nate and Buster wrestle a mattress up the stairs.

I spent the rest of the day unpacking while Nate did this:

Just kidding, Nate worked very hard all weekend, unpacking boxes, putting together the beds and carrying all of my shoes upstairs to the closet (no small task!).

On Monday, we had professional movers come move some of the bigger items like the washer and dryer and our monster entertainment center. Then the DISH guy came out and set up our satellite TV. Hopefully we'll have some time this week to relax and actually use that beautiful new television!

For more pics of the house and moving weekend, check us out on Flickr.

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