Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bar maid

Some of you might recall my initial horror at the realization that our kitchen island has a breakfast ledge. I was not aware or at least never noticed that this was in the plans and was not exactly excited at the news.

However, I have made peace with it and shopped carefully for bar stools over the last few weeks. I found some that I liked at Target and, like the good shopper that I am, I have patiently waited for them to go on sale, which they did this week. While bar stools aren't on the 'approved' shopping list (per Nate) because they are not a necessity, you can't argue with a sale!

On Monday I made a special trip to Target to purchase my bar stools (really more like bar chairs, if there is such a thing), only to discover that they come in two sizes - short and tall. Well, dang. I looked at the samples and debated and looked some more before deciding to go with the taller version. I have terrible spatial skills and had I known they came in two sizes I certainly would have measured before leaving home because I am just that bad at eye-balling it.

So I put one whole chair together (ridiculously time consuming for a chair with only six pieces!), set it at the bar and immediately regret my decision to get the tall one. Shoot. I back up and look at it, walk across the room and look at it, make Nate sit on it and look at it...and I still think it is too tall.

But when I bust out the tape measure and measure what the shorter one would look like, I'm afraid it will be too short. The only way to really know? Head back to Target on Wednesday and buy one of the short ones. Which I put together last night (a little faster this time because I'm getting the hang of it). Last night I liked it but today I am not so sure; I think it might be too short. Nate of course thinks either one is fine but likes the short one better, so he is basically zero help.

Maybe I am over-thinking it. Is the short one a good height? Or should I scrap them both and look for something in between?

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CookieCrums said...

i'm going to add my two cents. the tall one is too tall i think. you can't eat at the bar and eat b/c you are way over the bar. that's just my opionion for whatever it's worth. ~ jamie

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