Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Cut Above

So our grass has been growing nicely under Nate's tender loving care and is now in desperate need of mowing. But being the apartment dwellers that we are, we do not yet own a mower.

Yesterday morning we spent about two hours lawn mower shopping. I use the term 'shopping' loosely, because Nate already had the mower picked out, we just needed to hunt it down. We hit up the local Sears Essentials first but all they carried was Craftsman mowers. Then it was over to Lowe's because we had a coupon, but no dice. We started toward the big Sears at Castleton Mall until Nate remembered that we could look up the phone number using our GPS system. One phone call later, we knew we could special order the lawn mower for delivery later this week. At this point, I wanted to keep going to the mall and just order it but Nate was insistent that this could be done over the phone, should we strike out everywhere else. So we headed off to the local tractor supply, because Nate was 'feeling lucky'. All I can say, is that place was very, um, interesting. Home Depot had mowers both in the store and outside, so we worried that maybe we had missed something at Lowe's, so it was back to Lowe's where we found exactly the same mowers we had looked at before.

At this point, Nate thinks maybe since Sears in Castleton can order the mower, surely the Sears Essentials near us can do the same. Makes sense, right? Wrong. A second trip to Sears Essentials and I am officially over lawn mower shopping.

On the short drive home, Nate calls the Sears guy back and places the order for his special mower with the Honda engine. Would we like it delivered to the Sears Essentials in Noblesville? What the heck?! They can't order it, but they can deliver it? Go figure! So he gets all the way to running his card and the guy says it won't let him complete the transaction over the phone. Nate will have to come into the store. At this point, I can barely contain my 'I told you so'. We could have saved an hour and a half and 1/4 tank of gas by just going there in the first place like I said.

So Nate's special mower will be here on Wednesday. I can't wait to see what all the fuss was about.


heene said...

what is the deal with this mower? Is it a riding mower? said...

It's a Husqvarna with a Honda motor. A little internet research and suddenly it HAD to be this one, with this motor. Better be a good one!

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