Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blind-ed by progress

Yesterday afternoon Lowe's called me to say that our blinds were in a day early and we could pick them up any time this week. Since we were headed out to the house anyway to conduct our own little 'pre-walk through' walk through, I suggested that we pick them up on the way home. Nate expressed a little concern at fitting 25 sets of blinds in the car but I assured him that we could make it work.

So the customer service person wheels out a cart stacked high with boxed blinds and we proceed to slide, stack and squeeze all 25 sets into the back of the Altima. At which point Nate pipes up and says, 'Why exactly did we pick these up today? Why not wait until next week when we could have taken them straight to the house?'.

HELLO?! Why didn't you say that 30 minutes ago when we rolled up in the parking lot?!

Seriously, though, the thought never occurred to me. They called and said they were ready and in my eagerness to mark one more thing off the To Do List, I went running to pick them up without a second thought.

We spent 30 minutes carting them from the car into the apartment, where we stacked them in the only available floor space in the entire apartment. This happens to be in my office, where I can stare at them for the next week and look forward to the day when we slide, stack and squeeze all 25 boxes back into the car, only to spend another 30 minutes carrying them two at a time into a different office!

On the house front, we had our pre-closing walk through on the house this morning with Park. We ended up with a short list of items to be fixed before our closing next Wednesday. Most are relatively minor cosmetic issues. There is one kind of major issue with some spots on the laminate wood flooring (it's like a little trail of drips all across the floor) that we are most concerned with, but both Park and Cameron don't seem to think it's a big deal and that the cleaning people will be able to fix it when they do our final cleaning next Tuesday. We plan to go out on Tuesday night to check and see if they are able to clean it up so that we will be prepared for our final walk through on Wednesday afternoon. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping it's as easy as Park seems to think it will be.

We also got a tutorial on basic home ownership and how all the gadgets in the house work. I had no idea how cool our kitchen appliances are! The flat top stove heats up instantly and the oven has all kinds of cool settings. There is a slim chance that they just might entice me to cook a little bit more. (Or maybe I'll just warm myself by the stove top on really cold days).

I came away with a short list of things we need to buy that we didn't know about before (like a dehumidifier for the basement and HVAC filters). I was ready to run right out and buy them tonight so I could check them off the To Do List. Nathan, ever the voice of reason, pointed out that:

1. We do not need these things RIGHT THIS SECOND.
2. We will only have to move it from the apartment to the house so why not wait a few extra days?
3. Where will we put this new stuff? Next to the blinds?

Apparently I am a very slow learner.

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