Monday, October 27, 2008

Who ticked off Mother Nature?

What happened to Fall? We had maybe five days of nice fall weather and suddenly it's forty degrees and ridiculously windy. Man, am I missing the beautiful Tennessee falls (especially when I heard Jamie got spend the weekend in Gatlinburg - so jealous!). I am going to be seriously bummed if it stays cold from now until May. My Southern blood cannot handle a six month winter!

But the yucky weather was at least good for one thing - I got a lot accomplished around the house. I finally tackled the pantry which turned out to not be as much work as I expected. It only took about an hour and I am happy with the way it turned out. Nate was rather unimpressed with my handiwork, instead focusing on how little food is actually in there. I tried to explain the concept of meal-planning and just in time grocery shopping but his eyes started to glaze over and he wandered back to his football game.

I also hit up the big sale at Kohl's this weekend and finally found a feather comforter for our bed. For those of you who haven't heard the story already, I thought I had this buttoned up months ago when I picked up a feather comforter for 75% off at Target. I carefully tucked it away in a closet for the day we finally moved into the house. Well, six months later, I haul it out and get ready to put it on the new bed, only to discover that it doesn't fit the duvet cover. What the heck?! Did I buy a queen when I meant to get a king? Nope, says KING right there on the box. Right under the words....FEATHER BED. Feather bed? Dang. Yes, that's right, I was so excited about the 'deal' I found, I neglected to pay attention to exactly what I was buying and ended up with a king size feather bed rather than the needed feather comforter.

I am still not sure what to do about this little part that shows the box spring? Do you put a dust ruffle on this kind of bed? Or just a fitted sheet? And then no matter which you do, what color do you use?

Thank you to all who weighed in on the Great Bar Stool debate. I decided to go with the shorter stools as that seemed to be the general consensus. Most everyone thought it would be better to be closer to the counter than to sit higher up. I have come to the conclusion that our counter is just an odd height for a bar, as everything I found came in the same two sizes and neither seems exactly right for our counter.

Height issues aside, I love the stools themselves and am pleased with how it turned out.

Time to tackle the next big decorating challenge - a new entertainment center!


HBee said...

I'd say you put a fitted sheet on the box spring - dust ruffle might peek out underneath. I think a neutral color - to match your sheets!

God Rocks said...

The little part where the box springs shows...definitely no dust ruffle! look for a sheet to cover the springs...a color to match one of the colors in the circles...maybe the lightest blue.

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