Monday, October 20, 2008

When a House becomes a Home

The house if finally starting to feel like Home, rather than 'The House', if you know what I mean. We made a lot of progress over the weekend with unpacking and organizing. We are now down to just the craft room and the pantry - both time consuming projects that I plan to tackle some time this week. The pantry is unpacked, but in no sort of order. It looks like a grocery store and Pier One exploded in there; food, vases, platters, bowls, candlesticks everywhere! The craft room has basically become the catch all for all of my creative stuff - wrapping paper, scrapbooking, stamping, etc. That one will be a biggie to unpack and organize, especially considering that my actual craft table is currently holding one giant TV in the family room!

But those two places aside, the place is shaping up. It is far, far, far from 'done' but at least it's mostly in order. I am still having a hard time bringing myself to put anything up on the walls yet, so the living/dining rooms are covered in picture frames and mirrors and shelves. I want to live in it a little while and give careful consideration to each item before I start poking holes in my walls.

I have also been doing very well in the spending department. I have held myself back from purchasing everything I want right away. This has taken considerable self-control on my part! But I have started a wish list of items that I want, with plans to purchase one or two items a pay period and also to watch for different things to go on sale. I might have a little trouble sticking to this plan, though, because the local Linens n Things is going out of business (actually they all are, so find one near you!) and everything is on sale. I am trying to hold back a little longer until the deals get really good! I am currently stalking a leaning floor mirror and some amazing pumpkin curtains for the master bedroom. I might have to go 'off-list' if I can score a good deal on them.

My office.

On the list of things to buy - a large bookcase or two for all my books. My very own Nerd Center!

The family room furniture is finally where it belongs. The next truly big item on our list is to replace the couches and buy a nice entertainment center for the new TV. Nate talks about this plan almost daily but still refuses to actually enter a furniture store.

The table and chairs have finally been moved to the breakfast area. I am still trying to decide whether to lower the lamp over the table or not.

The guest room is ready for guests! Any takers?

The other guest room is looking a little bare!

It took two hours and several swear words to get this stupid thing up the stairs into the loft. We ended up having to take it apart into six separate pieces and put it back together again. For a piece of Target furniture, that thing has held up pretty well!

The craft room, waiting for me to work my magic.

The dining/living room with all our pictures waiting for their new homes.

And what weekend wouldn't be complete without a little drama? Saturday night we had our first frost of the season and it cracked a window in the family room. Nate is none too pleased about it, as windows are not covered in our warranty. He talked to Cameron about it yesterday anyway and Park came by today to look at it and said he would see what he could do about it. No promises, but at least he will try to find us a replacement. Guess we shall see.


Leah said...

The house is looking so great and you are doing a wonderful job with the self control. I can't wait to see pictures of the craft room when it's done!
Maybe I can get some inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for mailing the scarves. I love fun mail! Your house is looking fantastic and glad to read it is feeling more and more like home.

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