Friday, October 31, 2008

A Howling Good Time

Is it sad that at 27, I was more excited about Halloween this year than when I was a kid? This is the first year that we have ever had trick-or-treaters and both of us were super excited to hand out candy tonight. Nate even came home early from work, which is a BIG deal around here.

Oliver and Lola dressed up again this year. I was just going to use the costumes we had from last year but then I found two costumes at Target that I knew Nate would get a kick out of. Oliver is afraid of the most random stuff (the vacuum, the refrigerator and the remote control to name a few) so I dressed him up as a chicken. And Nate's pet name for Lola is 'Pig' because she is always running around with food in her mouth and snorts like one when she sleeps. So when I found a little pig costume, I just couldn't pass it up.

They are usually such good sports about letting me dress them up and take their picture, but tonight they would not sit still together because they were trying to rip each others head pieces off. But the neighborhood kids got a kick out of seeing them all dressed up and Nate got a good laugh out of it, so it was worth the effort.

It was so fun to see all the neighborhood kids dressed up. Even Nate got in on the action! Ray and Renee gave Nate this hot dog costume and bet him that he wouldn't wear it. Which of course meant that he had to wear it, loud and proud. He endured much ribbing from Ray and Renee, but the trick-or-treaters thought it was great getting candy from a hot dog!

Bring on the kiddies!

Nate with the Reks kids from next door - Joy, Luke and Jacob.

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Monkey said...

HAHAHAHAHA, you look like a giant...,well...uh...weiner. Thanks for a good laugh!

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