Friday, September 5, 2008

It's all in the details

That is what we are down to in the house - just the details. This week's progress is minor because there's just not that much left to do!

The fireplace people came back and unpacked the fireplace and 'set' the logs.

The shower heads, towel racks and toilet paper holders are installed in all the bathrooms.

The air conditioning was on for the first time which for some odd reason Nate finds very exciting. He's been waiting for them to turn on the air for weeks now.

They have installed all of the door knobs (which we upgraded) and also the sliding closet doors in the upstairs hallway.

The shower stall in the master bathroom was installed. We upgraded this too by getting the textured walls rather than the clear walls. The idea of being able to see straight through the shower just weirded me out.

And in big kitchen news, the island counter top is back! We found out from Cameron that the original piece that we saw in the living room weeks ago was cut backwards from the way it needed to be, so they sent it back and had it re-cut. Seeing it for the first time yesterday, I was completely shocked to see that it actually has a breakfast bar that hangs off about a foot and half from the edge of the island! I had no idea it was going to be like that and I have to admit I was mildly horrified by it at first. Okay, that might be putting it a little strongly but let's just say I wasn't really digging it.

After a few minutes of looking at it from different angles, I've made peace with it. I think with some bar stools or chairs it will be less obvious and I'll be okay with it. We are going to need some bar stools ASAP or it's really going to bug me.

The dry-wallers are out there today making a few last minute touch ups and the painters are following behind them doing the last coat of paint. Parke called today and said the cleaners will be out on Wednesday to give the house a thorough cleaning which basically means the house is done except for the final inspections. I can't wait to see it clean and sparkling and completely painted.

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NatGwen said...

This is where I got my barstools from a few years ago and they were amazing quality for a low price. They seriously looked like they were from Williams-Sonoma or Pottery Barn! Plus FREE SHIPPING, which is always music to MY ears.

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