Monday, January 5, 2009

xoxo, Gossip Girl

The only good thing about the first Monday after the holidays?

Gossip Girl is back!! And hopefully better than ever.

Will Blair be able to get through to grief-stricken Chuck?

Will Dan and Serena be up for Round 3?

Will Rufus and Lily find their love child?

Oh, Gossip Girl, how I have missed you!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, for Monday night TV! Looking forward to GG followed by OTH (the show has totally jumped the shark, but I can't give up on it yet) and The City! said...

I hear you on OTH but I'm not ready to give it up either. Too many seasons already invested!
Jury is still out on The City. I want to see more fashion! Why does she have such a fantastic job and they spent like 30 seconds on the DVF fashion show?!

HBee said...

Looks good! I'm so behind on all my shows though. I seemed to have stopped watching TV right before Thanksgiving. I'll have to wait till all the shows come out on DVD. Then I'll have a fantastic marathon!

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