Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Heart Bangs

I just finished watching last night's episode of The City and I am totally jealous of Erin's fabulous hair. I have been dying for thick, luscious bangs like hers for months. Sadly, my one and only experiment with bangs (circa 1995) was a gigantic flop. I have a big fat cowlick right in the middle of my forehead that makes a big gap in my bangs. No bangs for me, this season or ever again.


Picture courtesy of MTV.com.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I have some major wave in my hair and would never be able to get my bangs straight without putting so much goop on them that they would be stringy and gross. At least we are smart enough to realize our hair has limitations before grabbing the scissors though!

KT said...

Hey- I was totally going to see if you two blog-ettes knew of one another! And the funny thing is that I would have never thought I could pull off the heavy bang (or as I call them my bangin' bangs) without a special lesson from my stylist on how to keep them straight and fix my cowlick!

Anonymous said...

We do know each other. We have even met IRL for coffee and thrifting. Small world, isn't it?!

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