Thursday, January 15, 2009


Cold would actually be an understatement for the weather today. I think we topped out at 1 degree sometime around 2:00pm, but the wind is ferocious,something like 10 to 15 miles per hour. Despite woolly socks, slippers and a floor heater, I haven't felt my poor little toes all day. And I'm pretty sure the snot froze in my nose this morning when I walked the dogs. (You wanted to know that, right?)

But despite the fact that my Southern blood is not thick enough for this frigid tundra, I am actually kind of enjoying it. It snowed all day yesterday and I spent half the day staring out the windows in my office, enjoying the beautiful scenery. And today was even more beautiful with the sun shining bright all over the snow.

My view from the office windows.

Our house in the snow. So pretty! Sigh.

The view from the front porch before anyone else comes home and wrecks the beautiful white snow.

It's also hysterical to watch Oliver and Lola try to figure this snow stuff out. They are too short to walk in it, so they kind of bunny hop everywhere instead. Oliver loves to get out there and roll around in it. The minute he gets out there, he flips over on his back and wiggles around like he's making a snow angel. Cracks me up every time!

This is what he looks like when he gets done. He's a mess.

And then there is Lola, who doesn't even like to be in the grass any longer than absolutely necessary. Poor baby is so low to the ground, I can't even tell when she is squatting to do her business. She does her best to stand with as few feet touching the snow as possible. And miracle of miracles, she is doing her business immediately after getting outside. No dilly-dallying and sniffing bushes. She is all business when there is snow on the ground!

So at least for today, I am loving the snow. We shall see how long that lasts - probably until Saturday when I actually have to get out and go somewhere in it!

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