Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good families don't....

Let a little thing like 50 below zero get in the way of seeing each other.

My sister Katie seems to be having a hard time remembering that A Promise is a Promise no matter how much snow is on the ground. I guess I will have to Wait and See and see if she will come visit me From Far Away.

I am not above bribing her with Something Good or threatening to Get Me Another One(sister, that is!) if she doesn't come see me soon.

I will Love Her Forever, whether she comes to visit or not. But I just need to know one thing:

Katie, aren't I worth $29.95?


*If you have never read the children's books by Canadian author Robert Munsch, you and your children are missing out! My personal favorites are Love You Forever, Something Good and Good Families Don't.


Alisha said...

Awwww, I think you are worth 29.95 (and more...haha! Cute. BTW, you can bride me, I will be your new sister! You already love me, so check...step one out of the way!

Katie said...

Bribes are always good....

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