Friday, January 16, 2009

Where everyone knows your name


I just bought my plane ticket for a visit home! Two weeks from today I will be winging my way to South Carolina to see my baby sister strut her stuff in a beauty pageant and mourn celebrate my mom's 50th birthday.

Watch out, ya'll, here I come!


God Rocks said...

I feel so sorry for the Lemon Cremes! :(

They ARE my second favorite... said...

I know, I kind of wanted to vote for them just so they would have a vote!

Becca said...

I know you are so excited about coming home! It was wild seeing your parents yesterday, and I'm sure they thought I was crazy, yelling "LANGERS!" at the top of my lungs in the parking lot. It brought back so many good memories and it was so good to see them....someday when you come home and have time (I know from our VA visits- that's the key) we will have to get together.

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