Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bartender, make mine a double! (...Or Why Nate is Lucky to Still be Alive)

Depending on who you ask, we got ten to twelve inches of snow last night. I wanted to measure it myself in one of those cool yard-stick-in-the-snow pictures but of course, I don't actually own a yard stick, so no cool yard-stick-in-the-snow pictures on this blog.

(Note to self: Buy yardstick.)

Anyway, so this morning at 5:30AM (yes, AM. Did you know that 5:30 comes twice a day?) Nate's cell phone rings. It's his boss calling early to say don't come in, take a snow day, I'm serious, don't try it, stay home. To which a normal person would say, HECK YEAH, burrow back under the covers and snooze half the day away, right?

Not Nate. He was up by 6:00AM, parked in front of the TV where he watched the Weather channel for nearly two hours straight. I mean, who does that? He was literally pacing the house, waiting anxiously for the moment the snow plow would come liberate him from his snow-encrusted prison.

Sadly for Nate, said snow plow never came, just as I told him it wouldn't. The snow plow doesn't plow our cul-de-sac for whatever reason. He didn't believe this until he took an hour long walk around the neighborhood (in a foot of snow) and discovered that every single cul-de-sac is still full of snow. Being the good wife that I am, I definitely didn't crow, 'I told you so' at the top of my lungs upon his return.

Most days I am grateful for my husband's incredible work ethic, but today with all his pacing and window gazing and weather channel watching, I really just wanted to kill him kick him in the shins. Someone is paying you to stay at home today, try to enjoy it!

The puppies have enjoyed the snow immensely. We took them out this afternoon without their leashes and let them run to their hearts content. The snow is too deep for them to get very far so we knew it was a safe bet. They had a ball running through the tire tracks made by the neighbor's SUV. Lola was hysterical when she walked out too far and got of the packed snow - she started to sink and clawed like her little life depended on it. Which of course only served to dig her deeper into the snow!

The snow is almost over the fire hydrant!

Lola enjoys a tire track furrow this morning. They were running so fast this afternoon I couldn't get any good pictures!

Our poor little bushes might never be the same.

Lola tries to figure out how to get up into the yard from the shoveled driveway.

No new pictures of Oliver today. He was busy doing his little snow angels, as always. Good thing I put their little snow jackets on them to preserve what little was left of his trip to the beauty parlor yesterday!


Ally said...

I wish we had gotten more snow and less ice!!

Cookie Crums said...

OH MY!! I am soooo jealous. I hate the snow but kind of like it. I would kill for a couple of days like that.....just a couple though.

Did Nathan drive you insane??!! :) My hubby would have been doing the samething....You just want to yell, "DUDE, relax!!!"

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