Monday, January 19, 2009

Ode to my Electric Blanket

Dear Electric Blanket,

Where have you been all my miserably cold life? You have won my heart with your feather-soft folds and your toasty warmth on a frigid winter's eve. Your pre-heat setting is unlike anything I have ever known.

You are a cruel mistress, whose siren call lures me all the day long, while I toil in my chilly office, dreaming of the hour when I can lie beneath your heated embrace once again. Were it not for your long and cumbersome cords, we would be together all the day long.

Until tonight...


(Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma!)

1 comment:

Allison said...

heheh. too funny :) I could have used one of those when our temps dropped to SIX degrees a few weeks ago!

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