Monday, January 12, 2009

Open Apology....(Or Why My Husband Totally Rocks)

As he reminds me daily I have been totally remiss in not posting about the fabulous Christmas gift Nathan gave me. So please take a few moments to be totally jealous let me brag on my darling, thoughtful husband.

Over Thanksgiving weekend we spent an afternoon shopping in the little downtown area here with Nate's parents. We'd heard there were several great little antique and craft shops and had never taken the opportunity to check them out. Poor Nate and his dad were very patient while his mother and I crawled over this one place in particular. It's an indoor market with dozens of little tiny 'shops' inside with everything from baby clothes to Christmas ornaments to furniture. I could literally spend hours there although I limited myself to just one hour that afternoon.

Anyway, in this market was one shop in particular that had several great pieces of art, beautiful candlesticks and this giant leaning mirror that I fell in love with. I dragged Nate all around, showing him each piece, asking his thoughts (which ran along the lines of nice, fine, great, etc) and explaining where I would put each piece, if I should be so lucky as to ever have them. I was fairly certain that he did not pay a lick of attention to a word that I had said.

Fast forward to Christmas day. We are in North Carolina with family and I am opening a gift that looks suspiciously like a game for my new Wii Fit. I made a big production of saying, 'Ooh, I wonder what this could be?', thinking I am being all funny because everyone can tell this is clearly a video game, right?

WRONG! Well, technically, it was a video game (or at least the case for one) but taped to the front of it was a picture of a mirror! Not my mirror (he couldn't get the camera away from me long enough to get a shot), but as soon as I saw it, I knew what must be waiting for me at home in my basement!! You could have knocked me over with a feather, I was so shocked and excited! Not only did he go back and buy it for me, but he even arranged with the neighbors to borrow their SUV and sneak it into the basement when I wasn't home. To think, it was sitting under the stairs in my very own house for days and I had no idea!

That just goes to show, ladies, that you never really know when he might be paying attention after all.

So here is my beautiful leaning mirror, which is the first piece in the sitting room in our bedroom. Little does he know that he has created a monster. Now that there is a mirror, I need a lamp (so I can use the mirror at night, sweetie!) and the lamp will need a table to sit on (you don't want it on the floor, honey, that's a fire hazard!) and the table I want matches this beautiful armoire (it's a set, sweetheart!)....


KT said...

Love it! (Along with your bedding!) I had a similar experience with my husband and a picture frame in California on vacation. Had no clue he even knew the name of the place where we were let alone have the frame shipped home for my birthday at a later date!

Anonymous said...

You didn't make your bed!!! :)

(the mirror is beautiful!)

Becca said...

How cute! Your husband is so sweet- you're right, you never know when they're paying attention. It turns out my husband was this year, too. I love the mirror! It is gorgeous! You must post more pictures when you get the sitting area all set up.

Maria said...

Love it!! Brownie points for Nate:)

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Wow, that's beautiful!

HBee said...

What a great surprise! And I love that mirror! The detail is beautiful and I want to go to that outdoor market you talked about. Sounds like good times could be had. Also, do you sleep with that teddy bear in the picture? Hee Hee!

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