Friday, March 27, 2009

Officially unemployed

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Okay, so maybe I'm not exactly popping the champagne, but suffice it to say, I'm pretty darn relieved.

It was a tough morning. Had to say goodbye to a lot of good people. A few of them co-workers, most of them vendors (sad, but true, folks).

I was getting all sentimental thinking back to the day that I interviewed (I still remember the date - 11/5/04) and how I totally was not qualified for the job, but the interview lasted over an hour and I walked out of there just knowing he was going to call and offer me the job anyway. So what if I didn't know a VIN from a vase? I will be forever grateful to the guy who took that chance on me.

And then there is my current boss, who saw someone who was bored and underutilized and fought to give me the chance to prove that I was a star. Once again, I had zero experience in purchasing. I'd never read a contract before, unless you count those 20 pagers they make you sign to get a cell phone these days. And just three short years later I can tell you that I managed $40 million dollars, a portfolio of 150 commercial properties and a fleet of 2000 trucks (wanna hire me?). No way would have near the experience and depth of resume from any other company. I have been given (well, earned) some amazing opportunities in my time with that company.

No matter my personal feelings on how it was run and the agony of the end, I know that I was fortunate to have been there. To have met the people that I met. To have built the relationships that I built. To have gained the experience. To have exceeded my own career expectations. To know five years later, how much I am capable of. I should be so lucky as to find an opportunity like this again.

Here's to hoping lightening strikes twice.


Cole said...

Hurray to completing that chapter in your life!

I hope the next one is fabulous.

Jennifer said...

The next one will be big and better! I'm sure you'll find it soon!

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