Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mommy's little helper

For the last several days, our house has been like Grand Central Station. I am receiving boxes and boxes of paperwork from all of our various offices that are being shut down. Yesterday by 10am, we'd already had a visit from the UPS guy, FedEx, DHL and a certified mail delivery. This constant parade of visitors, of course, sends the dogs into a tizzy.every.single.time.

By 9pm last night they were ready to call it a night, but I was making good progress on the sea of paperwork threatening to swallow up my desk so I was burning the midnight oil.

Lola at 10:00pm.
Time for bed, Mom? Come on let's go.


Lola at 10:45pm.
Seriously? Still working? Sooooo sleepy.


Lola at 11:30pm


Allison said...

hahah! SO cute :)

Anonymous said...

This is so flippin' adorable!

Anonymous said...

Still so faithfully by her mommy's side! At least you are still able to enjoy the little things!

Alisha said...

This cracked me up! TOO CUTE!

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