Monday, March 16, 2009


Don't you just hate it when you get into the car and realize that the doggie bag you put in the backseat yesterday at lunch are still there?

So not only does your car stink to high heaven, but you totally ruined three perfectly good Chili's Southwest Eggrolls?

What? You never needlessly waste good food because you are a total space cadet?

Must just be me then.


Ann On and On... said...

First...yes, Gossip Girl is back!!! Woo! Hoo! (I saw your other post.)

The stink from forgotten doggy bag also makes it hard to eat again for a while. Darn it. :D

Welcome to SITS! It is a great blog with so many fantastic ladies.

I invite you to be a part of my Body Shop item giveaway. Your feet will thank you. :D

Jamie said...

Oh no girlfriend, I've done this more than once...tee hee! No worries {other than the stinch you'll have to live with for a bit.} Welcome to SITS, we have such a great time! See ya there!

StampinMom :-)

Rachael said...

nope, definitely not just you. i do that all the time! or just leave it on the table at the restaurant. i do that a lot too!

i am stopping by to welcome you to SITS, we are thrilled to have you join us!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatley, I am guilty of doing this with my leftover Rockstars. And my husband will lose a grip when he gets in the car. I mean, it isn't the best odor, but it isn't the worst!

Just popping in from the SITS community to say welcome! Glad you could join and we hope to see you around!

Jennifer said...

Haha spoiled eggrolls do not sound like a good smell. At least its nice out so you can have the windows down! And no I have never wasted a doggie bag, but its not because I'm a 'space cadet'. Within a 1/2 hour of getting home from said restaurant the Husband is already looking for the left overs for a snack. He's a bottomless pit! :D

Ronnica said...

Ooh, yeah! I also have left a bag of trash in my trunk (to take to the dumpster) for several hours...that'll smell up the place!

Allison said...

I do that all the time.

and...I LOVE chili's sw eggrolls. SO sad that they had to be thrown out!!

Missy said...

I do this a lot. Then I always wonder if the food is really bad, or if I could still eat it so it doesn't go to waste. Gross, I know, but true. :)

The Rambler said...


I do this ALL the time! Usually some kind of curry plate or something with egg something in it....not pretty at all. :)

Welcome to SITS :)

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