Thursday, February 19, 2009


Four months after we ordered the first one, twelve weeks after it was supposed to be delivered, eight weeks after we cancelled it, and three weeks after we found a new one, we will finally have an entertainment center next week! The furniture store called today to say it's in and they will be delivering it on Tuesday. Hurray! Now we can finally de-redneck the living room and I will get my craft table back. Guess I know what I will be doing while I collect unemployment....scrapbooking!


Alisha said...

YEAH for scrapbooking! I have some stuff that I am behind on...want me to come over and work with you? Or, better yet, want to do mine?! =)

Allison said...

hooray for new furniture! (and hooray for scrapbooking!!)

Jennifer said...

Sara, Its exciting to meet another blogger from the area! I don't have a problem letting you know where I work, I just don't want it out there for everyone in the world to see. But, if you head over to twitter and follow me I would have no problem sending you a direct message!

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