Thursday, February 26, 2009


Whew! We've had a busy few days around here.

On Tuesday our new entertainment center finally arrived. Hurray! We have been waiting literally months to get the plastic table out of our living room.

TADA! Less ghetto, more fabulous!

I need to find something for the wall above or to the sides, but I'm not quite sure what I want yet. I also want to get something tall and thin for the right hand corner to draw the eye upward.

We love the way it looks, although Nate thinks the TV is too far back now. Um, it's a 56 inch TV, how close do you need it to be?

We also got some new bookshelves for the office. My company gives us a discount with a major retailer and seeing as how that will go away very shortly, we decided to go ahead and order them. They were badly needed - the little bitty ones we had before were just not cutting it.

My plan was to get them put together and switched out on Sunday afternoon. But those suckers took two hours a piece to piece together! I'm no slouch when it comes to putting together furniture but these seem unnecessarily complicated. After doing the first one by the instructions, I did the second one my own way, which turned out to be much faster and looked better in the end. Naturally.

Now I need to rearrange the books a little better so the one doesn't look so bare and add some fun stuff to them, maybe pictures frames and a vase.

Project for the weekend: Finally, finally, finally organizing and arranging my scrapbooking room! I'm only 14 months behind on my latest scrapbook!


Allison said...

oh very nice! I really like the bookshelves!

and yeah...what is it with boys and televisions?!!? it's like it can never be big enough or close enough...

Jennifer said...

Your new furniture looks great!! What I wouldn't give to have that much free space on my bookshelves for frames! I can't even keep up with space for books! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Cookie Crums said...

Love them both!! THe Enter. piece especially!!

Don't you just LOOOOVE new furniture.

AndreaLeigh said...

i love the new bookshelves and the entertainment center. where did you get them from? said...

The entertainment center is from a local furniture store called Godby's.

The bookshelves, believe it or not, are from Office Depot! They match the two desks I have in my office.

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