Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Odds and Ends

How bout them Vols? So the game on Monday night was more than a little disappointing. UT lost on a missed field goal in overtime - to an unranked team. It was supposed to be an easy game against a third string quarterback! Needless to say, it was a tense four hours in our living room!

Oliver was oblivious to the Vol's poor performance and wore his orange jersey proudly. Isn't he the cutest?

In other weekend tidbits, we had our third celebrity sighting in Indy. On Friday night we were enjoying a nice dinner at this prime rib and sushi buffet called The Journey. When I got back from a trip to the buffet, Nate tells me he saw Rupert from Survivor.

I knew that Rupert was from Indy and people talk about seeing him around lots of places, but Nathan LOVES to make up stupid stories like this and trick me into believing him. He makes things up at the drop of a hat, tells it to me with a completely straight face and usually convinces me he's telling the truth. Ask him about the graduation streaking incident and his Mandi-on-TV sighting and he'll be happy to tell you how gullible I am. So of course, I am immediately suspicious. He says, no seriously, I'm not kidding, ask the people at the next table. Which is exactly the type of thing he would say to make me fall for it! As it turns out, Rupert really was there in a private party room with his family. It was kind of cool to finally see him since we are big fans of the show.

And big thanks to the fabulous Kimberly of Fab Finds under $50 for introducing me to the world of thrifting this weekend. I've been reading a lot about the great deals you can find by thrifting but found the prospect of pawing through all those racks daunting. Thanks, Kimberly, for showing me how easy thrifting can be!

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Leah said...

It's so cool that you two met up! I wish I lived close by so I could have come along. I need a thrifting lesson myself.

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