Monday, September 22, 2008

Bring back naptime!

Whew! It has been a long and exhausting 10 days since my last post. I was ready for a nap by 10am this morning and it's only Monday!! Man, I miss those college days when 2:00pm meant an hour-long nap before dinner.

We've got a lot of ground to cover to recap the last week, so hold on to your hats - here we go:

Last Saturday we headed to my grandparents' in Tampa for a four day vacation with the family. It's been awhile since the whole family has been together and over 6 years since we've been down to Tampa. The trip was a (very) late celebration of my dad's 50th birthday. Dad is a life-long Red Sox fan, so we bought celebrated with tickets to the Red Sox v. Rays game on Monday night. When we bought the tickets six months ago, we had no idea this series would be the deciding games of the season. And what a game it was! The Red Sox killed the Rays, 13-5. Thirteen runs, ELEVEN homers. (We won't mention the rest of the series, though. Let's just say, we picked the right game!)

We may have been a little over-eager to get there. We had to stand outside for quite awhile!

Emily, Katie and Daddy enjoy batting practice.

Big Papi steps up to bat.

Enjoying the game with Emily Claire.

It was so nice to spend time with the family and especially to see my grandparents. I have the world's best grandparents, for sure. They were so great about letting us descend on their house and had all our favorite drinks and breakfast foods stocked up. I was lucky enough to get a whole extra day with them to myself on Tuesday. I genuinely like hanging out with them (you guys are pretty cool!). Love you!

Then on Wednesday it was off to Portland, ME for a work conference. The conference is always fun, we eat good food and I enjoy the people there, but all I really wanted was to go home! The weather was freezing (literally, it was 30 degrees on Thursday night) and I missed my hubby and my puppies. I was glad when Friday came and it was time to head home.

Friday night we checked out our new landscaping at the house. We ended up opting not to sod the backyard this fall. We let them go ahead and just hydroseed. If that doesn't take before the winter, we'll look into sodding in the Spring. It's just one less ball to juggle right now. The front yard looks great though. The grass looks really green and healthy and we got a great tree! The bushes are looking a little sad but they can always be replaced in the spring.

The weekend was spent with friends, football and lots of packing. The apartment is half-packed; there are boxes everywhere. As excited as I am to be in the house, I am not looking forward to the moving part!

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