Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cleaning House

Nate and I have been busily cleaning and packing things up in the apartment and the new house got a thorough professional cleaning yesterday, too. I seriously don't know how we still have so much stuff even after two moves in the last year. I look around and wonder how the heck we're going to make this move on our own. That is going to be one L-O-N-G weekend!

While the apartment looks like a hurricane blew through, the house is looking awesome! I got to go out twice yesterday, once in the afternoon to have the windows measured for blinds and then again in the evening with Nate. The front door and the garage doors have been painted, the house number was put up and the mail box is at the end of the driveway. The outside is so close to being done; just a little grading and sodding left.

Nate talked to the sod guy yesterday and I think we've decided just to pay them to sod the backyard for us. We were planning to do it ourselves but it ended up costing less than we expected for them to do it. We've got enough on our plates and it's one more thing to mark off our 'To Do' list.

The appliances were delivered on Tuesday and they look great. The dishwasher still has to be anchored down and pushed a little further back but other than that they all look great.

We've started looking at things pretty carefully and critically in order to prepare for the pre-closing walk through on the 24th. There are a few little things we've noticed that we want to make sure they address before we close. They have done such a great job so far, they will probably catch a lot of them before we even get to the walk-through but we are taking notes just in case.

We finally got to meet Jill's husband, Will. He seems like a really nice guy and gave us a couple of hints on moving ourselves and movers we might want to try for the big stuff. Jill came out to say hey and tell us how excited she and Renee are for us to finally be there. It's so nice to know that our neighbors are already looking forward to having us!! She stayed outside talking with us for a full ten minutes before she realized she'd left poor Zack sitting in his highchair waiting on his dinner!!

Check out more pics of the house on Flickr.

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