Sunday, August 17, 2008

With.Much.Love for the Colts

On Saturday we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to tour the Indianapolis Colts' new football stadium, courtesy of our friends Buster and Weez. The stadium officially opened yesterday morning and there were free tours all day for the 80,000 people who were lucky enough to score the free tickets.

The stadium is ridiculously huge, but the architecture makes it pretty impressive to look at.

All of the street level concourses were open to the public. Each of the main entrances is sponsored by a different company (Sprint, HH Gregg, Chevy, etc) and is themed out accordingly with stuff like race cars suspended from the ceiling or a huge football helmet made out of television screens.

The seats are well-padded and comfortable and I don't think there will be a bad seat in the house.

Weez, Buster and Nate enjoy the view.

Buster body checks Nate on the sideline.

We were allowed to go all the way down onto the field in the end zones.

Hopefully the Colts will spend a lot of time in these end zones!!

The Colts locker room was closed to the public but we got to walk through the visitors locker room which is similar, but not as nice.

I guess they didn't want stalkers hiding in Peyton Manning's locker. (What? Who me? Never!)

If we weren't pumped for football season before, we certainly are now! Nate, lucky dog, got invited to the first game in the new stadium, against the Bills next Sunday. I am green (or maybe blue) with envy!

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