Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Vacation Pics

Shelton and Liz sent us a CD of their pictures from Jamaica. Aside from all the fun that we had, this is a great reason to travel with another couple - now we actually have pictures of me on vacation! I only appeared in about three of my own vacation pics. Here is proof positive that I had a fantastic time in Jamaica.

On our way to the resort. Can you tell we're happy to be on vacation?


Enjoying a night at the martini bar.

Liz and I both confessed to way over-packing for the trip, so how is it that we end up wearing the exact same color on the exact same night?

They caught this sweet picture of us waiting on them before dinner. Aw.

The rest of the pics are posted on Flickr. Thanks for sharing your pics, Shelton and Liz! We miss you guys!

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