Thursday, August 7, 2008

We're baaa-aaack!

Miss us?

Well, we are back from our fabulous week in Jamaica. We have been back for five days but it already feels like the vacation was a lifetime ago. This week has been hectic and I don't foresee life slowing down any time soon!

Where to start to catch up on the last two weeks? Hang on, here we go...

The Friday before we left for vacation, we went to Symphony on the Prairie for 'James Bond Night'. Nate, of course, was pumped for a whole night of James Bond theme songs. The symphony was fabulous and the vocalist was pretty impressive. It was a nice way to start our time off.

Enjoying the show with Weez, Buster and E-bit.

Do we look happy to be on vacation or what?

On Saturday morning we packed up the pups and headed down to Knoxville. It was cheaper to fly out of Knoxville than Indy AND our wonderful neighbors volunteered to reopen puppy daycare and keep the monsters for the week. Even Lola's 20 minutes of carsick puking couldn't put a damper on our excitement! The puppies were beside themselves with excitement to see Clint, Gwen and Big B. It was nice to spend a little while catching up with them.

Sunday we got up at the crack of dawn (well, actually early than that!) for our flight to Charlotte. By sheer coincidence, Shelton and Liz had the same flight from Charlotte to Jamaica so we got the party started a little early at the Charlotte airport.

Just a few hours later, we were FINALLY in Jamaica. The resort was an hour and a half ride from the airport, basically on the other side of the island. We packed ourselves onto a bus and hung on through the insane ride around the coast. The drivers there are seriously crazy! They drive on the left side of the road, or the middle of the road, or the oncoming lane, depending on what suits them at the time. And they drive entirely too fast for the mountainous conditions. Fortunately, we had quite the distraction in another passenger (nickname: Barbie) who kept up a steady stream of random questions through out the drive.

We're here!! Waiting for the ride to Whitehouse.

We stopped half way there at the Travel Halt (rest stop), for a bathroom and beer break. Apparently, there are no open container laws in Jamaica!!

The resort was beautiful (and kid-free!) and our rooms had views of the pool and the beach beyond. We spent most mornings on the beach and the afternoons lounging by or in the pool. After a very stressful summer, it was so nice to just chill and hang out with friends.
The boys hit the waves. Little did we know that there was DANGER lurking in those waters. The very first afternoon I got stung on the leg by something vicious. It hurt like crazy. The next day I had to be coaxed back into the ocean, with Nate making fun of me for being such a baby. No sooner did he get it out of his mouth than he got stung on the arm by the same thing!! Suddenly he wasn't laughing anymore. That thing really hurt!

Enjoying ice-cream after dinner.

Getting their kayak on.

Hanging out in the pool.

A nice lady stopped and offered to take a picture of all four of us enjoying our books on the beach.

Man, we miss these kids.

The week flew by too fast and before we knew it, it was Saturday and time to head home. We had a little travel drama on the last leg of the trip, with a short delay out of Charlotte but we made it back to Knoxville in one piece and with all our luggage!

We are sad that the trip is over, but we're already looking forward to Tampa and the Red Sox game in September.

To see more pics of our trip, check us out on flickr at:

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