Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trimmed out

We hadn't planned to visit the house again until after church on Sunday, but Friday night came and we just couldn't wait anymore. It had only been two days but were eager to see the progress they'd made on Thursday and Friday.

They have almost finished trimming out the whole house. The baseboards, door frames, doors and crown molding are up in every room except the loft (which is about half done). They still have to putty all of the little nail holes which I'm sure is a full day's work in itself; there is a LOT of trim in this house!

The trim in the foyer includes a chair rail and decorative panels.

The living room and dining room door cases are done, too.

This is from the foyer looking up at the crown molding in the loft.

All of the hardwood floor is down. I made Nate pull up a little corner of the paper so we could take a peek.

The cabinets and counter tops in the kitchen are done. The cabinet space in here is amazing; I don't think I have enough kitchen gadgets to fill it (yet!). We aren't sure what happened to the island counter top. It was sitting in the family room on Wednesday but it wasn't installed on our Friday visit and it wasn't in the family room either.

The master bathroom also had a little face lift this week. The faux marble around the tub and in the shower has been put in.

Once again our insane work schedules have prevented us from having a scheduled walk through with Cameron and Park. I have a work trip (yuck) to Texas (double yuck) the beginning of this week and Nate has a big meeting the last half of the week, so we had to delay our mid-construction walk through for another week. I am super bummed about this because we are supposed to find out exactly when the house will be done. I was waiting on pins and needles all week to finally know, and now I have to wait another whole week!

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