Monday, August 25, 2008

Let the official countdown begin

We had our mid-construction walk through with Cameron and Parke at the house today. Just like our pre-construction walk through, this one was a few weeks late and therefore much less interesting than it probably would have been. The driveway will be poured some time this week, as long as the weather stays nice. They also have some stripping to do around the brick and then the gutter installation. They have completed the first dry wall touch up and the painters will be coming back this week to roll the whole house again. After that is done, the carpet guys will come in over the weekend to lay the carpet. Then next week will just be finishing touches, shelving and doorknobs and little things like that. The whole house will basically be done by the end of next week!! Then there will be about three weeks of inspections on everything again - another drywall inspection (and painting, if necessary), HVAC and plumbing, doors and cabinets, etc.

Our pre-closing inspection is scheduled for Wednesday, September 24 and then the closing on Wednesday, October 1. We are so close!! It's hard to believe we will be in our first house in less than six weeks!!

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