Monday, April 20, 2009

Prayers for Stellan

I know you've all heard me mention this sweet little guy before, but tonight and tomorrow he needs our prayers more than ever. Baby Stellan is scheduled for a very risky heart operation tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8:30am EST. Things this evening are not going well and his surgery may be moved up even sooner if they can't get his heart rhythms under control soon.

Would you pray with me for sweet baby Stellan? Pray specifically that:

1. The Great Physician will guide his earthly physician's hands.
2. No new issues as a result of the surgery. The list of possible complications is long and scary.
3. Peace for Stellan's mom, who is in Boston with him, and for his dad, who is at home with the family's other small children.
4. That God would be glorified in whatever the outcome may be.

If you've ever wondered if a single life can truly make an impact on the world, go spend some time at MckMama's blog. Even at a time when no one could fault her for screaming and railing at God, this woman still manages to put us all towards Him who can do immeasurably more than we could ever think or imagine.


Cole said...

I'm in Boston and can't wait to see how many people I can spot wearing orange tomorrow! Hopefully TONS of people!!

God Rocks said...

Beautifully well said. We are praying and waiting for news.

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