Thursday, April 9, 2009

Magic in a bottle

{image via resolve}

This stuff is MAGIC.

We had our first incident on the carpet today. I know I should be grateful that we've gone six months in the new house without one, but mostly I was just pissed because, well....we went six months in the new house without one. These two are lucky I don't know who threw up on my carpet because the culprit would have been banished to the laundry room until their tummy troubles were settled.

At least whoever it was had the decency to do it toward the edge of the room behind a table rather than in the middle of the floor. As soon as I saw it, I went dashing for the bottle of Resolve Triple Action. I read a review on it many moons ago and bought it before we even closed on the house (I knew this day would eventually come!).

I sprayed the spot, let it sit for five minutes and when I came back....MAGIC! The spot was gone before I even scrubbed it. Of course, I still scrubbed it a bit to soak up the wet spot, but you can't tell a bit. If you have pets or children or happen to be really clumsy when holding beverages, I highly recommend this stuff. It's magic in a bottle.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

That stuff is magic!!!

Cole said...

Isn't it great?! It has saved my carpet from unspeakable (ok, or just plain gross) experiences. :-)

Cookie Crums said...

We keep two bottles at all times!! Between a dog and a child.....

Jennifer said...

That and the Resolve for pets! They work wonders!

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