Monday, July 6, 2009

What should be half way....but it's not

So today is Day 15 of The 30 Day Shred. I should be enjoying a leisurely stroll through Level 2 right about now. But of course, I'm lazier than a beached whale and didn't start working out until a scant 19 days before vacation. So instead, I'm trucking on in to Level 3 today!

To be perfectly honest though, it's only technically Day 14 of my Shred. I had to take Saturday off because I jacked up my shoulder somehow. I felt so guilty for slacking off, I seriously considered working out when we came in from the fireworks at 11:30pm! I hated to break the streak. I was hoping I'd just slept on the shoulder wrong and a day off and a good night's sleep would fix it. It seemed better on Sunday, so I did Level 2 again. But I woke up all tight and achy again today. Not as bad as Saturday morning, but still a fair amount of pain. So I'm not sure what's up with that, but I didn't let it stop me again.

I decided to move onto Level 3 in the hopes that it would have less plank activity and spare my shoulder a bit. There's less plank activity for sure, but let me tell you....Jillian Michaels ain't messin' around on this Level 3 business! Holy Cow! That was a very intense 20 minutes! But I actually kind of found it...dare I say

Of course, it being Monday, I measured myself again. I find it very hard not to measure myself every single day. I'm doing pretty well, only really measuring fully once a week and maybe measuring my trouble spot hips every other day. Obsessive much?

Two weeks in, I've lost 2.75 inches on my waist. I want to think this is a mistake, but I measured like 3 times to make sure it was true. Even when I breathe out and make myself as 'large' as possible, I still come up with the same number. I notice a definite difference in my ab strength too. There's no six pack yet, but I definitely see a muscle or two popping out at the top!

The rest of the measurements aren't nearly as impressive. One full inch off my thigh and another off my bust (hello, so not what I was going for!). And my hips are holding strong at the EXACT SAME FREAKING MEASUREMENT. Ugh. So frustrating. But I think that Level 3 might finally start to make a real difference there. There is a lot more plyometrics involved in this level and that might finally be what I need to unload these saddlebags.

Oddly, my weight and my body fat measurement have not wavered a single bit. I like to think that is because I am gaining muscle and losing fat, but the body fat number would indicate otherwise. I'm not too concerned with either of those numbers though, as I'm at a healthy place already for both. As long as I feel better, look better and my clothes fit better, I'm a happy camper.

Only 4 more work out day left until vacation. You can bet I plan to make the most of 'em!


Anonymous said...

I may have to try The Shred, it seems to be working for everyone in the blogging world!

Sarah said...

I have been shredding since June 10th-ish... and I'm just in the middle of Level 2. Needless to say, it's more like the 45 day Shred. Oh well, at least I'm trying.

My weight hasn't budged either, but I am waiting until the very end to measure myself. I too am hoping for some hip/thigh loss, but I have feeling it might not happen.

Here's to hoping... you go girl!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! I find those results to be really good!!!!! I just ordered this last week and it still hasn't came but I can't wait! My bone crusher thighs need to go!

Cole said...

You are doing AWESOME!!

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