Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mama's got a brand new tan

I can't decide if a decent tan is worth the possible melanoma

Nothing says summer quite like the glow of golden brown skin in a cute sundress. Sadly for me, I have skin so ridiculously pale that I bare more than a passing resemblance to Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Most days I'm totally okay with being the palest girl in the room. I flirted briefly with the tanning bed one summer, but quickly discovered that my golden glow came with a high price - more freckles. Every summer, I buy the latest and greatest in at home tanning products - lotions, sprays, foams, oh my! But I have neither the time nor the patience to apply carefully and then stand around waiting a month and a day for my skin to dry.

Finally yesterday, after a day at the amusement park during which I was slathered in SPF 50 from head to toe, I finally gave in to my vain yearning for a tan. Baby sister, Emily, works at a tanning salon that just so happens to offer spray tanning. So with a second wedding coming up this weekend and a rather slinky dress to wiggle into, I begged for a quickie appointment.

This was my first experience with technician applied spray tanning. I was admittedly a little nervous about the 'human error' factor (versus a Mystic Tan booth) and the whole 'naked in front of a total stranger' thing, but it was actually a total breeze. And I couldn't be more pleased! I'm tanner than I've been in years. True, I smell like a chemical sewer plant and I'm stickier than a hot cross bun, but I'll sleep it off, shower in the morning and be a bronzed goddess by lunch time tomorrow!

A decent tan may not be worth the possible melanoma, but it sure as heck is worth mild nudity and $25!


Sarah said...

I have never tried the spray tan because I'm always afraid it's not going to work right.

Although I've been in the sun way too frequently this summer (usually with SPF) but I just realized I need to cut it out!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha! I'm glad you found a way to get the tan you wanted!

Cole said...

I'm glad you got your tan! I'd love to do that too... but have a ridiculous fear of ending up looking like an Oompa Loompa! :-)

KT said...

Welcome back.

Crystal said...

Your blog cracks me up!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

I need to try that!

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