Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And suddenly, it's okay to laugh when people fall down

{image via sharetv}

Have you guys seen this show Wednesday nights on ABC? Freaking funniest thing you've ever seen!

I'm not usually into reality show competitions. Sure, I love me some Tori & Dean, but when it comes to stuff like Big Brother, Biggest Loser or The Bachelor, count me out. Just not interested.

That is, until one Thursday morning a few weeks ago when my friends the baristas at Starbucks were laughing their tails off as they talked about this show. Of course, I was intrigued, thinking it can't possibly be as funny as they claim it is, right? It's 10 times funnier. In fact, words cannot do justice to just how freaking hilarious this show is. Do you laugh when other people fall down? Giggle behind your hand when you see someone trip in public? Baby, this is your show.

{image via time inc}

And not only are people doing their pride some serious damage, but the ESPN commentators are egging them on with some of the funniest material I've heard in a long time. The first night we watched, I was laughing so hard I was crying. And I haven't missed a show since.

Trust me. Watch it. Tonight. 8pm. ABC.

Worth every tear.


Running In Stilettos said...

Funniest damn show I have ever seen. Hands down!

Anonymous said...

We are there!

Katie said...

that is a gay show. I hate it!!! All my friends watch it. I think I grow dumber every second. Haha, but keep on loving it, my dear sister!!

Missy said...

I love it too. And now my kids like it too, and I have taught them to think it is hilarious when people fall down too. Excellent family time. :)

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