Sunday, February 7, 2010

May the smartest man win

Well there is certainly no doubt about what a big day it is in this town. The entire city, myself included, is painted a lovely shade of COLT BLUE. Horseshoe flags abound, crowds are nothing but a sea of blue and white, and business marquee's all trumpet luck to the Boys in Blue.

Now normally, I couldn't give two figs about the Super Bowl game itself. This girl is all about the commercials. In fact, a few years ago, I actually brought some required course reading to a Super Bowl party so I could read during the unimportant know, those pesky football parts between the commercial breaks?

Being older and wiser, I'm actually more than a little bit into football parts now. Put my man Peyton on the field and I'm glued to the screen. But the marketing major in me still can't wait to see what commercial silliness will ensue between those all-important football parts.

I was less than impressed with the offerings last year. In fact, Super Bowl commercials as a whole have gone completely downhill in the last five years. What happened to the days of old, when beer commercials rained supreme? Budweiser frogs? I Love You, Man?

As disappointing as the last few commercial years have been, there are a few shining rays of creative commercialism that make every Super Bowl viewing worth it. Thus I give you, my favorite Super Bowl ad of all time, Budweiser 2007.

Will you be watching the Colts whoop up on those Saints tonight? Do you actually watch the game or are you a commercial crasher, too? What's your favorite Super Bowl commercial?


Emily Freeman said...

Eric and I are two of maybe 5 people in Asheville (that we know of) who are cheering on the Colts. I've recently gotten more into football, but I still love the commercials!

Sarah Wyland said...

I will certainly be watching Peyton and the rest of those boys in blue win! I've got to watch the Super bowl for my advertising class as well as my audience analysis class. What a lame assignment that is... :p

Katie said...

GEAUX SAINTS!!! Haha and my favorite commercial is the "Silk Sheets" bud commercial from a few years ago...remember it?!?! He goes flying out the window!?!? Haha, I crack up thinking about it!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I caught some of it. I missed the commercial with Chevy Chase so I'm hoping I can find it online tomorrow!

Micayla said...

My favorite this year? "Don't touch my mama, don't touch my Doritos."

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