Thursday, August 12, 2010


Because I really, really need something to look forward to right now....

14 days until my Premier Designs jewelry party

22 days until I see (most) of my family!


30 days until NYC and Fashion Week, baby!

32 days until Jay Z and Eminem

49 days until a cabin in the woods with our best friends

80 days until we debut the world's most awesome Halloween costumes

94 days until the Colts open a can of whoop-ass on the Bengals

105 days until Black Friday


Classy Fab Sarah said...

As someone who works retail... that 105 days to Black Friday made me pee my pants. SO SOON!

KT said...

Nice countdown! I do have to say I'd be excited too!

But I'm so freaking torn about which one is more exciting. Jay-Z and Eminem or college football??????? Good thing you don't have to pick both on the same day! Lucky girl!

MelissaOK said...

Looks like you have a LOT to look forward to! How fun!

Cole said...

Um, do you have ANY downtime on your social calendar?!?! :-) It sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff going on!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks like you've got some great stuff planned!

Kristen said...

Jay Z and Eminem are playing right by me...are you coming up for this or do they have other dates?

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