Saturday, August 22, 2009


Guess what ridiculously yummy chocolatier now has a customer loyalty reward program?

After dinner last night, I cajoled Nate into letting me pop into the Godiva store at the nearby mall. I'm rarely in that part of town so a stop at my favorite chocolate store is a super special treat.

I picked out half a dozen truffles (vanilla, raspberry, key lime, cacao and 2 cappuccino's, for those who are curious) and was ready to go on my blissfully happy way, when the heavens opened and a choir of angels raised a joyful 'Hallelujah'.

Um, well, okay. Maybe that didn't actually happen, but it might as well have.

Godiva now has a Customer Loyalty Program! And it's seriously the best one I've ever seen!

Free chocolate of your choice every. single. month. Just for coming in. No purchase minimum, no coupon required. Just show up with your Loyalty Card and TADA! Free chocolate.

And if that's not enough, if you spend $10 on any visit, you get another free gift. Hello?! Who can go to Godiva and spend less than $10? Not this gal! Monthly truffles, here I come!

I'm seeing a lot more visits to that part of town in my future....


Crazy Shenanigans said...

This post just killed me. I love love love Godiva and truffles....OH MY!!!!!! The nearest one though is like 45 miles. I might be making that trip now....

Cole said...

Oh, I know where I'm going after work tomorrow night!

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