Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear John All My Children

{image via tv fanatic}

Dear All My Children,

It was with great regret and a heavy remote that I removed you from my DVR line up this afternoon. As I fast-forwarded watched today's show, I realized that after 20 years of committed fan-dom, I'm just not that into you anymore. I didn't think it was possible to make a soap opera boring, but congratulations, AMC, you have done the impossible. I no longer give a flying leap who killed Stuart, why Emma won't speak, or whether Kendall will end up with Zach or Ryan.

Farewell, All My Children. Perhaps one day you'll find a way to bring yourself back from the dead.



Crazy Shenanigans said...

There's only been one soap ever that I've got into and now it's no longer on: Passions.

Anonymous said...

Duhh... What took you so long? It got totally boring years ago. I remember first watching it when I was a child!

Cole said...

I used to be hooked on Days of Our Lives...then about 5 years ago had the epiphany that the same three story lines keep repeating over and over every 2 years.

Cole said...

Oh, and I gave you an award!

heene said...

I thought it was impossible to make a soap interesting.

Erin said...

Stuarts dead. oh my gosh. lol. It has been a long time I guess since I

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